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You can download the 2023/24 calendar here.



  • Performance Squads are expected to enter every meet listed for their squad.
  • Development Squads are encouraged to enter the meets listed for their squads.
  • Club Championships are for ALL swimmers in the club - they are meant to test their progress and record official times to be able to enter competitions during the season. This is the ONLY chance to get your times and be able to compete during the season!
  • The dates in the calendar sheet available on this page are tentative and are only meant as a guide on how the season will be, so you can pencil them in your calendar. The official events' dates will appear on the Events>Meet page, once they are confirmed by the promoter.
  • If you are not receiving the emails and reminders for an event your squad is invited to, please check if your details are correct on Swim Manager (e.g., address if you have recently moved + included emergency contact details), or contact