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Junior Performance 2

Wandsworth SC swimmers are divided among seven squads based on criteria including ability, times achieved and age as at 31 Dec. 


Junior Performance is a highly competitive squad, only aimed at swimmers for whom the sport of swimming becomes a “lifestyle choice” and is a priority over other sporting commitments and who desire to follow our 3C Credo of:    


Swimmers in the Junior Performance 2 squad must be committed to the overall development and improvement of all components of swimming fitness. They need to combine the technical, tactical and psychological aspects required to achieve, and with adequate training, surpass their specifically targeted goals.

Squad Requirements

  • 12 - 16 years (max. age for acceptance is 13 for girls and 14 for boys as at 31 December )
  • Attendance maintained close to 100% at any given four- week period throughout the season 
  • A swimmer must have an ability to cope with standard training sets throughout the season (15 x 100 free @ 1.40, 6 x 400 free @ 6.30 , ability to swim 4000-6000m during training sessions)
  • A swimmer must show good levels of independence and self - reliance, coachability and willingness to be held accountable for training and racing.
  • The minimum required performance achievement is either a County or Regional time and ability and dedication to actively work towards National Championships
  • A swimmer must participate in all eligible events in the County and Regional Championships (unless advised/instructed otherwise by the Head Coach)
  • A swimmer must participate in all rounds of Arena League - if selected - and a minimum of four Open Meets during the season following the WSC competition calendar. Any swimmer wishing to enter a competition outside the Club competition calendar is required to consult with the Head Coach beforehand.
  • Swimmers must represent WSC only at all meets and wear WSC kit for both training and competition

Training Commitment

Attendance must be maintained close to 100% during any given four-week period, including land training/strength and conditioning training sessions.

All admittance to the squad and further movement through the club structure is determined by the Coaching Team. Fluctuation in work ethics and lack of commitment will mean a swimmer risks losing their place in the squad; any exceptions will be at the discretion of the Head Coach. See our Transitioning/Promotion process for further details.

Transition  requirements:

  • Age - 11 - 14 years (as at  31st December). Maximum age (as at  31st December) when accepted into Junior Performance 2 is 13 for girls and 14 for boys
  • Up to date attendance
  • Competition & training performance and ability as set out by the Head Coach throughout the season and in the squad criteria

Equipment Required

All swimmers are required to have full training equipment in working order at all sessions. kickboard, pull buoy, short fins, hand paddles, snorkel, resistance bands -for activation exercises. See our Club Kit page.

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