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Our Club Records

View our Wandsworth SC Club Records in both Short Course (25m pools) and Long Course (50m pools). The times below may include results from swimmers no longer with the club, but who were representing WSC as their primary club in the UK at the time of their swim. 

The records will be routinely updated throughout the year, but may not always include the most recent competitions so please be sure to check back frequently to see updates.

NameEventAge GroupDateRecord
Oliver Cunningham100m FreestyleAge 924/04/20151:23.91
Ben Clarke50m BreaststrokeAge 904/02/201252.06
Oliver Cunningham50m ButterflyAge 912/06/201548.07
Martin Vidovski50m BackstrokeAge 905/04/201444.55
Felipe Morais50m BreaststrokeAge 1011/12/201050.59
Tom Page50m ButterflyAge 1016/11/201437.36
Tom Page50m BackstrokeAge 1016/11/201439.39
Max Morgan50m BreaststrokeAge 1123/02/201940.56
Tom Page50m ButterflyAge 1130/05/201534.53
Nabeel Showman50m BackstrokeAge 1104/02/201235.78
JJ Ramini50m BreaststrokeAge 1214/02/201540.59
Max Morgan100m BreaststrokeAge 1226/01/20201:23.06
Nabeel Showman50m ButterflyAge 1214/07/201332.79
Nabeel Showman50m BackstrokeAge 1202/03/201333.69
James Gillie100m FreestyleAge 1326/07/201257.06
Tim Robinson50m BreaststrokeAge 1320/02/201035.66
Tim Robinson50m ButterflyAge 1320/02/201030.50
Tim Robinson50m BackstrokeAge 1320/02/201032.90
James Gillie100m FreestyleAge 1424/07/201354.52
JJ Ramini50m BreaststrokeAge 1404/11/201733.17
JJ Ramini200m BreaststrokeAge 1403/08/20172:36.15
Julian Chan Quee Lin50m ButterflyAge 1420/01/201228.15
James Hunter- Young50m BackstrokeAge 1430/05/201532.10
Julian Chan Quee Lin100m FreestyleAge 1505/05/201254.42
JJ Ramini50m BreaststrokeAge 1517/02/201833.05
Julian Chan Quee Lin50m ButterflyAge 1504/02/201226.50
Julian Chan Quee Lin100m ButterflyAge 1521/07/201259.67
Julian Chan Quee Lin50m BackstrokeAge 1504/02/201232.11
Leo Murison100m FreestyleAge 1619/12/200956.40
Elliott Hampton800m FreestyleAge 1629/02/20209:14.60
John Britton50m BreaststrokeAge 1604/02/201233.71
Leo Murison50m ButterflyAge 1620/02/201030.00
Elliott Hampton50m ButterflyAge 1628/02/202028.27
Elliott Hampton100m ButterflyAge 1626/01/20201:04.75
Rohan Penney50m BackstrokeAge 1604/11/201231.32
Rohan Penney100m BackstrokeAge 1628/05/20171:08.10
Erik Sullivan100m Freestyle17/Over30/04/201754.70
Erik Sullivan400m Freestyle17/Over30/04/20174:20.55
Mbeh Tanji50m Breaststroke17/Over04/02/201230.72
Leo Murison50m Butterfly17/Over13/10/201030.00
Rohan Penney50m Butterfly17/Over28/02/202028.70
Sid Howes100m Butterfly17/Over15/12/201259.40
Rohan Penney50m Backstroke17/Over15/03/202029.34
Rohan Penney50m Backstroke17/Over23/02/201930.20
Rohan Penney100m Backstroke17/Over25/01/20201:02.93
NameEventAge GroupDateRecord
Ernie Hill800m FreestyleAge 1026/10/201911:35.94
Max Morgan50m BreaststrokeAge 1125/10/201937.65
Elliott Hampton800m FreestyleAge 1525/10/20199:10.52
Rohan Penney50m Backstroke17/Over02/11/201928.86
Rohan Penney100m Backstroke17/Over14/12/201959.44
Rohan Penney200m Backstroke17/Over25/11/20192:08.47
NameEventAge GroupDateRecord
Emma Hagberg200m BackstrokeAge 1105/01/20202:38.12
Emma Hagberg200m Individual MedleyAge 1104/01/20202:41.39
NameEventAge GroupDateRecord
Emma Hagberg50m FreestyleAge 1228/02/202029.24
Emma Hagberg100m FreestyleAge 1226/01/20201:03.86
Emma Hagberg50m BackstrokeAge 1228/02/202034.36
Emma Hagberg400m Individual MedleyAge 1208/02/20205:46.78