Entering competitions

Wandsworth SC is a competitive swimming club. Once a swimmer becomes a Swim England member, they will be offered opportunities to attend swimming meets. Under Swim England Rules, swimmers who have not yet reached their 9th birthday can only compete in internal club galas, and only on distances up to 50m.


How to enter a meet

1. Open Swim Manager>meets.

2. Click on the meet you want to enter.

3. Select the events you wish to enter:
Green - you can enter this event
Red - no valid qualifying time, or not available for this age group

4. Discuss entries with your coach before submitting.

5. Submit the entries, or click Save Draft if you are not ready yet (entries will not be submitted).

6. After hitting submit, you will have to email CompSec@wandsworthsc.com to make any changes.


Accepted or rejected entries. Entries can be rejected by the hosting clubs for several reasons. Our Competition Secretary will send the final accepted entries list - only at this point you can consider your entries confirmed.

Payment. Entry charges will be invoiced close to the event date and automatically debited on your account.

Emergency contact. Please ensure your emergency contact details on Swim Manager are always up to date.


Meet programmes and results  meet mobile

When you enter a meet, always read the Promoter’s Conditions, available on Swim Manager/Meets, to familiarize yourself with the specific rules of the day, as all meets vary.

Most Meets publish Programs and Results on the Meet Mobile App (note: it is a paid app). If the Meet operates as a sign-in, Heat Sheets are only published after the Warm Up.


Competitive Expectations

Swimmers from Performance squads will be expected to have swimming as their number one activity outside school and therefore not have other sports conflicting with competitive swimming. Parents are expected to look carefully at the competition calendar to ensure swimmers are available for events for which they are likely to be selected.


Meet guides

Read our guides to discover how competitions are run and what to expect:


Gala Colour (51 of 70) gala day Gala Colour (60 of 70)