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Junior Performance 1

Wandsworth SC swimmers are divided among seven squads based on criteria including ability, times achieved and age as at 31 Dec. 


Age group swimmers who aspire to compete to the highest of their ability.

The specific annual training program will be set up each season by the squad Lead Coach in liaison with the Head Coach  - all swimmers are expected to follow the training program and compete for the Club on regular basis in meets recommended by the Lead Coach as set out in the Club Competition Calendar.

Swimmers will work on developing their aerobic capacity and further skills improvement on a more professional level, so discipline, commitment, dedication, and thrive to excel is required.

Swimming is beginning to become an athlete’s first sport and gradually taking priority over other sporting commitments.

Squad Requirements

  • 9 - 14 years (max. age for acceptance is 12 for girls and 13 for boys as at 31 December)
  • attendance needs to be maintained close  to 100% over any given 4 week period throughout the season except for the scheduled breaks at Christmas ( approx . 10 -14 days )  and Easter ( Easter weekend only ) 
  • Participate in Club, County and Regional Championships including relays  (if selected/QT achieved), Arena League (if selected). Swimmers are expected and encouraged to attend open meets appropriate for their age and development level (on coach’s recommendation)
  • 200m and 400m freestyle
  • Long Distance events and 400 IM - on coach's recommendation and age appropriate 
  • 100m and 200m IM
  • All events in form stroke, one butterfly event
  • Streamline position
  • Competent use of a pace clock
  • Understanding and acceptance of lane etiquette/discipline

Training Commitment

Swimmers are expected to attend all available training sessions - unless specifically recommended otherwise by the Coaching Team  (substitution of a school swimming session, another club training session or private lessons are not permitted).

All admittance to the squad and further movement through the club structure is determined by the Coaching Team. The Head Coach and the Club Committee will not guarantee the squad place for a swimmer whose  attendance as well as  training efforts are not at the required level and/or consistently does not participate in open meets and/or club galas. See our Transitioning/Promotion process for further details.

Any swimmer wishing to enter a competition outside the Club Competition Calendar is required to consult with the Head Coach beforehand.

Equipment Required

WSC hat, costume/jammers, goggles, float, pull buoy,short fins, hand paddles, snorkel and a mesh bag to contain them. See our Club Kit page.

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