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Development 1

Wandsworth SC swimmers are divided among seven squads based on criteria including ability, times achieved and age as at 31 Dec.


Swimmers will work on developing their skills and an introduction to aerobic training.

Squad Requirements

  • 7 - 10 years (Max. age for acceptance into the squad is 9 as at 31 December )
  • minimum 2 of the 3 sessions per week
  • ASA Stage 8
  • Participate in Mini Galas and Club Championships. (Open meets on Coach recommendation only)
  • All 25m events - technically legal
  • 3 of 4 of the 50m events
  • 200m freestyle
  • Streamline position
  • Understanding of lane etiquette/discipline

Training Commitment

Swimmers are required  to attend minimum  2 of the 3 sessions per week; (substitution of a school swimming session, another club training session or private lessons are not permitted).

All admittance to the squad and further movement through the club structure is determined by the Coaching Team. See our Transitioning/Promotion process for further details.

Equipment Required

WSC hat, costume/jammers, goggles, float, pull buoy, fins and a mesh bag to contain them. See our Club Kit page.

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