Gala Colour (14 of 70)COMMITTEE & VOLUNTEERS

Meet the Team

The WSC committee is elected annually to manage and run the club. All committee members are parent volunteers who meet monthly and hold an annual AGM. (View role descriptions here)

Core Committee


Supporting Roles

  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Ina Baritsch & Marie Paynter
  • COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: Sarah Mansour-Davies & Helen Ketchin
  • SWIMMARK COORDINATOR: Emma Alexandre & Eloise Hill
  • WELFARE OFFICERS: Bill Street & Mel Gamble
  • DBS CHECKS: Danne Collins
  • SOCIAL SECRETARY: Siew Fong Monk
  • POOL LIAISON OFFICER: Pippa Wilkins & Kirsty Riddiford
  • WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR: Jo Schuberth, Ben James & Megan Newhouse


Squad Reps

  • PRE-DEV: Lee Donaldson
  • DEV 1: Pippa Wilkins
  • DEV 2: Barbara Spano
  • JP1: Eloise Hill
  • JP2: Bill Street
  • SP: Paul Hampton / Claire Stranding
  • JD: Samantha Barney
  • SD: Giles Cunningham